V Light Hair Extension Tools, V Light Removal Kit with Shield V Light Hair Extension Glue Transparent

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Popular V light Hair extension tools in salon 20min finish extension that The greatest invention with News extension hair tools

Product using and care precautions:
1. Please check whether the power supply of the hair receiver is full before use. If the indicator light is green, it means it is fully charged, and if it is red, it means it needs to be charged;
2. Please do not look directly at the light of the machine. Do not expose the machine to the skin for a long time. People who are allergic to ultraviolet rays should use with caution!
3. Do not let the glue directly contact the scalp or eyes before the glue solidifies. If accidentally, please rinse with clean water in time.
4. After using glue, please tighten the bottle cap in time and store it in a cool and dry place.

Things to note about hair extensions:
1. Please clean the customer's hair before use, try to use oil-removing shampoo, do not use conditioner or hair oil. Blow dry it thoroughly and then add hair extensions once your hair is completely dry. Please strictly follow the installation procedures.
2. The hair extension machine is set to automatically turn off in 8 seconds, and the curing can be strengthened in areas with humid or cold weather.
3. After the hair extensions are completed, please do not use alcohol-based shampoos or styling products, do not soak in hot springs or swim which keeps the hair into wet condition, and avoid high-temperature treatments. After washing your hair, please blow-dry your hair in time. Do not use high temperature to continuously dry your hair roots.

When used correctly, V Light hair extensions can last for 2-3 months without falling off. Please enjoy the beauty it brings!

1.The machine emits light for 10 seconds to solidify the environmentally friendly resin glue, hair extensions only take 30 minutes;
2.After properly installation, V Light dedicated hair extensions can last on head for about 8-10 weeks without falling off, and the hair extensions are easier to remove after 4 weeks.
3.Technology patented product, certified by EU CE and US FCC, safe and healthy, and v-light-hair-pieces can be reused 2 to 4 times.

It’s not recommended for people with allergies.
Warm reminder:
V-Light tools are suitable for V Light dedicated hair extensions and PU hair pieces. If you want to use V-light system to install hair bundle, please ensure the safe operation: before the glue solidifies, do not drop glue on the scalp or directly contact the skin to avoid allergies or the burn caused by the light.

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